Communal Establishments

**This information has been copied across from the SCROL website and some of it may be out-of-date. This will be updated in due course**

Communal Establishment

A Communal Establishment is defined as an establishment providing managed residential accommodation. Managed means full-time or part-time supervision of the accommodation.

In most cases (for example, prisons, large hospitals, hotels) communal establishments can be easily identified. However, difficulties can arise with small hotels, guesthouses and sheltered accommodation. Special rules apply in these cases:

  • Small hotels and guesthouses are treated as communal establishments if they have the capacity to have 10 or more guests, excluding the owner/manager and his/her family.

  • Sheltered housing is treated as a communal establishment if less than half the residents possess their own facilities for cooking. If half or more possess their own facilities for cooking (regardless of use) the whole establishment is treated as separate households.

Communal Establishment Resident

The rules determining whether a person is a resident in a household generally apply in Communal Establishments too. Where clarification is needed, a person is a resident of an establishment if he or she has been living, or intends to live, in the establishment for six months or more. People visiting the establishment on Census day who do not have a usual address elsewhere are also classified as a resident. Usual residents absent on Census day were left a Census form for statutory completion on their return to the establishment.

In some tables the term 'Residents' excludes members of staff and their families.

Persons Sleeping Rough

  • Persons Sleeping Rough are those identified as 'absolutely homeless', that is people sleeping, or bedded down, in the open air (such as on the streets, or in doorways, parks or bus shelters); people in buildings or other places not designed or suitable for habitation. They are included in the standard tables as residents in communal establishments (with residents of hostels for the homeless).

    Resident staff and family

    In many tables residents of communal establishments whose position in the establishment is given as 'staff or owner' or 'relative of staff or owner' are shown separately or excluded from the table.