Distance travelled to work or study (Scotland)

Mnemonic (reference code): DTWSPS

Definition: This derived variable provides a measure, in kilometres, of a straight line between the postcode of residence and the postcode of the place of the person's main job or course of study.

Applicability: All people who were working or studying the week before the Census with a UK postcode for place of work or study, Scotland.





0.1 - 9999.9 km in 0.1 km units


Not applicable

Not applicable category (XXXXX) comprises: All people not working or studying the week before Census and those who are working or studying mainly at or from home, with no fixed place of work or study, working on an offshore installation or working or studying outside the UK.


CAS220, CAS221, CAS222, CAS223, CAS225

S220, S221, S222, S223, S225


T28, T29


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