February 2011 Census Outputs Consultation

2011 Census Outputs – Pre-defined Tables Consultation

In spring 2011 we ran a consultation giving census data users a further opportunity to help shape the main statistical outputs for the 2011 Census and to comment on a range of related issues. The consultation is now closed, but you can learn more about it by reading the consultation document (PDF 95 Kb) which gives background information and details of the specific topics for consultation. An excel spreadsheet (762 Kb) showing the list of proposed significant revisions to the pre-defined tables from 2001 and the draft outlines of proposed new pre-defined tables, was also used as a reference document.

The consultation provided us with a great deal of valuable feedback and suggestions for how the 2011 outputs could be improved. A summary analysis of this feedback is contained in a paper February 2011 Consultation on Statistical Outputs: Analysis of Responses (PDF 129 Kb) which is available to download. The new 2011 pre-defined table outlines that were published alongside the consultation paper have also been updated to incorporate the feedback from users. In addition, new outlines of the 2001 tables reworked to take into account changes to the census variables and table populations have also been produced to give users an illustration of how the final published tables will look. All of the new and revised table outlines can be found in the Excel spreadsheets below. Please note that these tables are still provisional and subject to change. Some of the detailed points made in the consultation responses are still under consideration, while some statistical disclosure control and UK harmonisation issues have also to be assessed further. We are aiming to issue final baselined versions of the all the tables to be included in the 2011 Census standard outputs in Autumn 2011.

Table outlines

Census Analysis - Census Area Statistics (CAS) (Excel 877 Kb)

Census Analysis - Census Area Statistics Theme (CAST) (Excel 115 Kb)

Census Analysis - Census Profiles (CP) (Excel 63 Kb)

Census Analysis - Key Statistics (KS) (Excel 150 Kb)

Census Analysis - Standard (S) (Excel 2537 Kb)

Census Analysis - Theme (T) (Excel 483 Kb)

Census Analysis - Univariate (UV) (Excel 315 Kb)

Census Analysis - New 2011 tables (Excel 834 Kb)