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Place of work or study (Scotland)

Mnemonic (reference code): POWSPS

Definition: This question records the travel address for a person's main job or course of study (including school).

The work or study postcode variable (POWSPCPS) contains where appropriate, a postcode, or a country code or a code relating to the departure point for people working on an offshore installation.

Applicability: All people, Scotland.


Qualification, highest level of

Mnemonic (reference code): HLQPUK

Definition: This derived variable provides information on the highest level of qualification. For Scotland and Northern Ireland it is based on QU(x)PS and QU(x)PNI respectively. In England and Wales it is based on responses to both the qualifications question and the professional qualification question (see QU(x)PEW and PQU(x)PEW). The codes are preceded by 1 for England and Wales, 2 for Scotland and 3 for Northern Ireland to emphasise that the levels are derived from different questions.

Proficiency in spoken English

Mnemonic (reference code): LANGPRF

Note: This variable is also listed under the titles 'English language proficiency, spoken' and 'Language proficiency, spoken English'

Type: Primary variable

Definition: LANGPRF refers to how proficient people are in spoken English. People are asked to self-assess how well they can speak English and choose from the options 'Very well', 'Well', 'Not well' and 'Not at all'.

Applicability: Person


Output Area 2011

The smallest Census Area used, NRS created Output Areas (OAs) for the 2011 Census to allow comparability with OAs for the 2001 Census. The OAs were created as groups of postcodes nesting as well as possible into the following areas: Council Area (CA), and 2010 locality.

Any area for which Census output is produced is the aggregation of Output Areas (OAs) that approximate best to the area.

Postcode Sector

Census data is not available for postcode sectors because their boundaries do not follow council area boundaries. Therefore, census-specific postcode sectors are created for census output to ensure that the sectors conform to a minimum threshold and also do not cross council area boundaries.

Position in establishment

Mnemonic (reference code): POSITION

Type: Primary variable

Definition: A usual resident of a communal establishment is either a resident of the establishment, a member of staff who is resident in the establishment, or a family member of staff that are resident in the establishment.

Applicability: Person



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