Guidance on using Area Profiles

Using Area Profiles it is possible to compare a snapshot of 2001 and 2011 census data for up to three geographical areas at once, however Scotland is always one of the areas.

  • Select ‘Area Profiles’, from the CDE Welcome Screen.
  • Select the a year from the drop down list (2001 or 2011)
  • Choose an area type from the drop down menu.  Information on different area types is available in the Census Geographies section
  • The boundaries for this area type will then be shown on the map.

Next, select the area you are interested in from either:

  • The drop down list, you can either scroll to your area of choice or enter the first 3 letters of the area name to show a list of all matching areas
  • The map direct - click on your area of choice on the map.  The plus and minus buttons   provide a zoom in-zoom out function, useful when selecting small areas (such as Output Areas)

Once the area is selected, this is confirmed in both the ‘Select an area’ box and on the map, which is shaded in the same colour as the ‘Select an area’ box.

  • At this point, you can compare your chosen area with Scotland or add another area to provide a three way comparison.
  • To add another area, select ‘Compare another area’ then repeat the steps above to choose ‘Area Type’ and ‘Area.

Click in the ‘Select a second area’ box and then select (your chosen area) Health Board either from the drop list or directly from the map.   Again, your choices are confirmed for you and linked by colour.

  • For either 1 or 2 areas the next step is to select ‘Get data’ to reveal the profile information.

The ‘Population’ profile is displayed as the default.  To access a different profile topic, click on the relevant tab - your area selections are retained

  • For each profile, there are a number of sub-topics, for example, the ‘Population’ profile contains 5 sub-topics including Age and Marital Status.   You can move across the sub-topics by simply clicking on each in turn
  • You can download the Profile or print the results of either the whole Profile or the sub-topic selected
  • For each Profile, there are 4 ‘Did you know?’ sections which provide a summary of key outcomes related to the profile

Change your area selection                                                         

  • To create a different comparison, click on the ‘Remove comparison’ button.  This will re-set back to the original single area choice
  • You can then select another area for comparison
  • To change your first area as well but stay within the Area Type (e.g. choose another council area) the simplest method is to click on another area on the map
  • Alternatively, you can change this using the ‘Select an area’ box, delete the existing text and type in the first 3 digits of the new area to reveal a list of all matching areas which you can then select from
  • To start a new selection altogether, click on the ‘Area Profiles’ title in the blue bar at the top which will reset the page.