Moving Group Reference Person indicator

Mnemonic (reference code): MVGRPPUK

Definition:​ This derived variable identifies the person who is the reference person for a moving group. If there is only one person in the moving group, that person is the Moving Group Reference Person (MGRP). If the moving group contains the Household Reference Person (HRP), the MGRP is the HRP. If the HRP is not in the moving group, the MGRP is chosen from among any Family Reference Persons (FRPs) using the same criteria as for choosing the FRP (economic activity, then age, then order on the form). If no FRP, the MGRP is chosen from among any people in generation 1 of a family using the same criteria. If no person in generation 1, the MGRP is chosen from all the people in the moving group using the same criteria.

Applicability: All migrants





​Not the Moving Group Reference Person (MGRP)


Moving Group Reference Person (MGRP)


Not applicable

Total umber of categories: 3

Not applicable category comprises: All people who are not migrants


This variable does not appear in standard output.