A summary of what was published in 2015

The start of a new year is always a good time to review what has been accomplished in the previous year, some important milestones included:

Scotland's Census 2011 Standard Outputs

The last set of planned standard outputs from Scotland's Census 2011 was released January 2015

Scotland's Census 2011 General Report

Scotland’s Census 2011 General Report was laid before the Scottish Parliament, the General Report reviews the entire 2011 Census operation from the early planning and consultation through to the production and dissemination of outputs and evaluation. 

Scotland's Census 2011 User Satisfaction Report

We asked for your help to complete our User Satisfaction Survey in July and received valuable feedback from over 80 responses. An analysis of the survey can be found in Scotland’s Census 2011 - User Satisfaction Survey Summary Report.  

Datashine Scotland
NRS secured funding to support the inclusion of Scotland’s Census 2011 data on ‘Datashine’, the highly regarded visualisation tool from University College London (UCL) and 'DataShine Scotland Commute' to improve Scotland’s Census 2011 travel to flow data.

Parliamentary Profiles for Scotland

Also in advance of the 2015 UK Parliamentary Elections, we prepared Scotland’s Census 2011: UK Parliamentary Constituency Profiles, and then later in the year we published Scottish Parliamentary Constituency and Region Profiles. These can be found on the Parliamentary Profiles for Scotland page.

Analytical Reports 

There were 11 detailed analytical reports based on 2011 Census data published throughout 2015 including, reports on the Gaelic Language, Heath Inequality and Ethnicity in Scotland and Inhabited Islands.  All published reports can be found on the Analytical Reports page.  

Commissioned Tables Published in 2015 

NRS provides a commissioned table service for Scotland’s Census data. This is available for customer requirements that are not met by the data provided in our published tables. There were over 150 Commissioned tables published in 2015, you can view all these tables and more on our Data Warehouse.

The table below provides a breakdown of topics under which commissioned tables have been published:

Topic Commissioned Tables Published in 2015
Health 37
Labour Market 24
Identity 21
Migration 21
Housing and Accommodation 13
Population and Households 12
Religion 12
Education 8
Language 5

What to expect in 2016

This is just a snapshot of the varied activity, analysis and research carried out throughout the 2015. In 2016 we hope to publish 1991 Census data on the Census Data Explorer so you will be able to access data from the last three censuses in one place. Further analytical and collaborative reports will be published and work is also underway to develop the business case for Scotland's Census 2021 for submission to Scottish Ministers this year. We will continue to keep you up to date will all the latest news and announcements from Scotland's Census throughout the 2016.