Number of rooms, household

Mnemonic (reference code): NORHUK

Definition: This variable records the number of rooms in a household space. Bathrooms, toilets, halls or landings, or rooms that can only be used for storage are not counted. All other rooms, for example, kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, utility rooms and studies are counted. If two rooms have been converted into one, they are counted as one room. Rooms shared between a number of households, e.g. a shared bathroom or kitchen, are not counted.

Applicability: All occupied household spaces, UK




01 - 99

1 to 99 rooms singly


Not applicable

Total number of categories: 100

Not applicable (XX) comprises: All household spaces with no residents.


CAS051, CAS230

S51, S58, S230


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Standard (S) and Theme (T) tables are available at ST Ward/ST Postcode Sector and above.