Research and Preparation

It is vital that a census asks questions which will help the government, local authorities and businesses to plan and provide a wide range of essential public services, including health, housing, transport and education. To confirm that aspects of the census - the questions, the arrangements for census day and its results - are fit for 2021, NRS are conducting extensive research. On this page you can find links to further information on a range of consultations, research and preparation undertaken with external bodies, groups and organisations in preparing for the 2021 Census.


Consultations involve inviting contributions to specific questions or more general views about material being presented. The success of the next census will rely on a comprehensive understanding of user needs and concerns, as well as the support and participation of the general public. Information about our formal consultations can be found on our Consultation page.


Many activities are undertaken to ensure census user's views are taken into account. Our formal consultations are supported by other research work including online questionnaires, events and workshops, focus groups and meetings with key data users and question testing.

Information about our events and workshops, focus groups and meetings can be found on our Get Involved pages.

Information about our research can be found on the Question development page