Safeguarded Microdata Files

The safeguarded microdata files consist of two (non-overlapping) random samples, each of 5 per cent of anonymised individuals in the 2011 Census output database for Scotland:

  • a file at Scotland level with 82 variables for over 267,000 individuals; and
  • a file at grouped council area level with 75 variables for over 267,000 individuals, which generally contains less detail for variables compared with the Scotland level file.

A user guide is available to accompany the safeguarded files. In addition, for each product, a codebook details the variables and geography included and a quality document compares the microdata samples with published data.

Access via UK Data Service

The safeguarded samples are available via download through the UK Data Service (external link). Researchers wishing to use the UK Data Service will need to register and accept terms and conditions before accessing and downloading data.

All users must agree to the terms and conditions of the UK Data Service End User Licence before data can be accessed and downloaded.

Find out how to register at the UK Data Service (external link).

ONS and NISRA have produced corresponding safeguarded microdata products for England & Wales and Northern Ireland respectively. Further information on these and how to apply for access can be found on the ONS and NISRA websites (external links).