Scottish Census Steering Committee

The Scottish Census Steering Committee was composed of representatives from groups that reflected different parts of Scottish society. These representatives were invited to provide the Registrar General with advice on how to develop plans for Scotland’s 2011 Census. The work of the Committee closed with the meeting on 13 July 2011. We are grateful for the valuable assistance that the Committee provided in the planning of the census.

Scottish Census Steering Committee - Charter Statement (PDF 44 Kb)
(the above charter statement contains details of the committee’s membership).

Background Information (PDF 34 Kb)

Agenda, Papers and Minutes of Meetings

To view a copy of the agenda, papers and minutes from the meetings of this committee click on the appropriate link below.
Meeting on 13 July 2011
Meeting on 25 October 2010
Meeting on 29 June 2010
Meeting on 13 April 2010
Meeting on 21 January 2010
Meeting on 8 September 2009
Meeting on 11 June 2009