In this section you can find links to the key strategy documents that have informed the 2011 Census.

2011 Census Quality Strategy - The UK’s census offices have agreed to apply the principles set out in the 2011 Census Quality Strategy - which sets out a structure for managing and delivering quality in the 2011 Census.

2011 Census Data Quality Assurance Strategy - This strategy describes plans for data quality assurance of Scotland's 2011 Census

November 2012 Estimation and Adjustment Strategy - This strategy describes the process which we use in estimation and adjustment to achieve a 100% population count.

October 2010 Scotland’s Census 2011 - Equality Impact Assessment - This paper details the work undertaken to make the census accessible to everyone.

May 2011 Scotland's 2011 Census Outputs Strategy - This document sets out the strategy for the dissemination of statistical outputs from the 2011 Census.

January 2011 Considerations of the Impact on Public Privacy of Scotland’s Census - The privacy of personal census information and the protective safeguards implemented by NRS are documented in this report.