Travel to Work or Study Survey


The survey was open from Thursday 5 July to Monday 9 July 2018.


A report will be produced based on the combined responses; the report will not include any information that may identify people who take part in the survey.

No one outside of the National Records of Scotland Question Development team will have access to the survey responses.


Travel to Work or Study Survey is a follow-up to Scotland’s Census 2021 Topic Consultation. We are developing the questions for the next census, and testing of questions for potential inclusion in the questionnaire is an essential part of the process. This survey looks at the set of questions on travel to work or study.

Further development of the question set that we will recommend for Scotland’s Census 2021 is underway, and will continue through 2018.

Your personal data

Further information about this question testing and data protection are available in the Question Testing Follow up Travel Questions Survey Consent Information (PDF) document.