Usual address one year ago

Definition: This variable records the person's usual address one year before Census Day. People are asked to tick 'no usual address one year ago' for a child aged under one. In the Migrant Indicator variable (MIGPUK), the migrant status for children aged under one is determine by the migrant status of their 'next of kin' (defined as in order of preference, mother, father, sibling (with nearest age), other related person, Household Reference Person).


The Migration postcode variable (MIGPCPUK) contains where appropriate, a postcode or a country code. Otherwise it is set to 'not applicable'.


CAS008, CAS009, CAS010

S08, S09, S102, AF1, AF2


T33, T34

UV23, UV52

Census Areas Statistics (CAS), Census Areas Statistics Theme (CAST), Key Statistics (KS) and Univariate (UV) tables are available for all census areas.

Standard (S) and Theme (T) tables are available at ST Ward/ST Postcode Sector and above.