Electoral Ward 2007

In Scotland, each Council area contains a number of electoral wards. The voters in each of these electoral wards elect councillors to the local council. Prior to 2007 each electoral ward elected a single councillor (a single-member ward) to the local council. In 2007, with the introduction of proportional representation, the number of wards was reduced and each electoral ward now elects either 3 or 4 councillors (multi-member wards).

More information can be found in the 2011 Census Geography Classifications Information note within the 2011 Census Supporting Information

Since 2011, four Electoral Wards in Aberdeen City have changed name, although the boundaries have remained unchanged.  The Census 2011 outputs show the names as they were on Census Day for these areas.  For information, the updated names are provided below.

Name on Census Day 2011                                             Updated name

Kingswells / Sheddocksley                                                Kingswells / Sheddocksley / Summerhill

Northfield                                                                              Northfield / Mastrick North

Hilton / Stockethill                                                                Hilton / Woodside / Stockethill

Kincorth / Loirston                                                               Kincorth / Nigg / Cove