Family reference person

Mnemonic reference (code): FRPPUK11

Type: Derived variable


A Family Reference Person (FRP) identifies the person who is the reference person for a family in statistics relating to families in households. He/she is identified by criteria based on the family make up.

In a lone parent family it is taken to be the lone parent.

In a couple family, the FRP is chosen from the two people in the couple on the basis of their economic activity (in the priority order: full-time job, part-time job, unemployed, retired, other). If both people have the same economic activity, the FRP is identified as the elder of the two or, if they are the same age, the first member of the couple entered on the census questionnaire.

Applicability: Person





Not a Family Reference Person


Family Reference Person


No code required

Total number of categories: 3

Not applicable category (X) comprises: Persons in communal establishments, persons not in a family

Source variables FRPPUK11 is derived from:

AGE (Derived variable)

ECOPUK11 (Derived variable)

FAMSER (Derived variable)

FT1 (Derived variable)

GENINFAM (Derived variable)

PERSNUM (Primary variable)

TERMIND (Primary variable)


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