Hours worked

Mnemonic reference (code): HRSWRKD

Type: Primary variable                                                              

Definition: The number of hours that a person aged 16 and over worked in their main job or in their last main job. This includes paid and unpaid overtime.

Applicability: Person





No of hours worked


No code required

Total Number of Categories: 100

Not applicable category (XX) comprises: People aged 15 and under and people age 16 and over who have never worked.

Source question:

Image of Scottish question 35 from 2011

Why the question was asked:

The number of hours usually worked in the person’s main job (or previous job for those not currently employed), shows whether people are in full or part-time work.  The information will enable analysis of changes in the labour market and working patterns in particular occupations and industries, disadvantage and socio-economic classifications.

England & Wales (2011) and Scotland (2001) comparisons:

The England and Wales question accepts a categorical variable grouped in the 4 categories as shown below which differs from the Scottish census which accepts a  variable between 01 and 99.

Image of E & W question 42 from 2011

England and Wales 2011

The 2001 question differs from 2011 in that the hours given should have been an average for the last four weeks whereas 2011 asks for the hours worked in a typical week.

Image of Scottish Question from 2001

Scotland 2001


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