Household spaces in shared dwellings, number of

Mnemonic reference (code): HHSDUK11

Type: Derived variable

Definition: A household space is the accommodation used or available for use by an individual household.

Household spaces are identified separately in census results as those with at least one usual resident, and those that do not have any usual residents.

A household space with no usual residents may still be used by short-term residents, visitors who were present on census night or a combination of short-term residents and visitors.

Vacant household spaces, and household spaces that are used as second addresses, are also classified in census results as ‘household spaces with no usual residents’.

A dwelling is shared if:

  • the household spaces it contains have the accommodation type ‘part of a converted or shared house’,
  • not all of the rooms (including kitchen, bathroom and toilet, if any) are behind a door that only that household can use, and
  • there is at least one other such household space at the same address with which it can be combined to form the shared dwelling.

Applicability: Dwelling





2 household spaces – 100 or more household spaces


No code required

Total number of categories: 100

Not applicable category (XXX) comprises: Household spaces in unshared dwellings.

Source variables HHSDUK11 is derived from:

DWELL_NUM (Derived variable)


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