Mnemonic reference (code): INDGPUK11

Type: Derived variable

Definition: The industry in which a person works relates to their main job and is derived from information provided on the main activity of their employer or business. This is used to assign responses to an industry code based on the Standard Industrial Classification 2007.

Applicability: Person

Classification: The classification is based on the Standard Industrial Classification 2007: UK Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (UK SIC 2007)

These classifications are then used to assign individuals industry groups via the Industry hierarchy (Excel 66 Kb download)

Not applicable category (XX) comprises: Schoolchildren and full-time students living away from home during term time, all those under the age of 16 and all those who have never worked.

Source Question:

Image of Scottish question 36 from 2011

Scotland 2011

Reason for asking: This information is used to assign a code to the industry an individual works in using the UK Standard Industrial Classification of Economic Activities (UKSIC). This enhances the quality of occupation coding and is required at a local level to understand economic performance and analyse local labour markets. It also provides information for policy development and monitoring land use, transport and housing needs.

The statistics show trends in employment by industry and help planners to develop or revise employment land policies. For instance, there might be an increased demand for land for retail and office usage but decreasing demand for traditional manufacturing industries. In combination with information about occupation, this information will be particularly useful for economic development, regeneration and monitoring labour market trends.

Information supplied by these questions is used as a base for forecasts of employment (by sector, occupation and industry) and for transport planning. It is also used to identify any associations between the characteristics of individuals and industry, for example to highlight a concentration of groups of people in industries associated with low-paid employment.

England & Wales (2011) and Scotland (2001) comparisons:

The question in England & Wales (2011) is identical to the Scotland (2011) question.

In 2011 industries were coded based on the main activity of the employer or business for which they worked, using the Standard Industrial Classification 2007 (SIC2007). In the 2001 Census, SIC1992 was used, meaning only high-level comparisons between the two sets of census results are possible.


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