Position in establishment

Mnemonic (reference code): POSITION

Type: Primary variable

Definition: A usual resident of a communal establishment is either a resident of the establishment, a member of staff who is resident in the establishment, or a family member of staff that are resident in the establishment.

Applicability: Person





Resident (for example, student, member of armed forces, patient, detainee)


Staff or owner


Family member or partner of staff or owner


No code required

Total number of categories: 4

Not applicable category (X) comprises: All people not in communal establishments.

Source question:

Image of Scottish question R1 from 2011

Reason for asking: This question was asked to differentiate between residents and staff within a communal establishment.

England & Wales (2011) and Scotland (2001) comparisons:

Image of E & W question A3 from 2011Image of Scottish question position in establishment 2001

   England and Wales Question 2011                                                                              2001 Question


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