Schoolchild or full-time student indicator

Mnemonic (reference code): STUDENT

Definition: A student is a person who is in full-time education either at school or in higher or further education.

Applicability: Person

Classification :




Schoolchild or full-time student


Not a schoolchild or full-time student

Total number of categories: 2

Source Question:

Image of Scottish question 5 from 2011

Reason for asking:

This information helps to identify students and schoolchildren in order to ensure they are counted as resident at their term-time address. Counting people at their term-time address is important because it helps to provide an accurate measure of the usually resident population. This is the basis used by central and local government for planning.

The information on term-time addresses of students is also used to plan services and allocate resources, for example to analyse the demand for student accommodation (such as halls of residence and household accommodation) which has an impact on the overall demand for housing.

England & Wales (2011) and Scotland (2001) Comparisons:

The question in England & Wales (2011) is identical to the Scotland (2011) question.

In the Scotland (2001) question, there was a filter on the ‘Yes’ tick box but the question remained the same.

Image of Scottish question 5 from 2001

Scotland 2001


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